Shanice Marcelle
Shanice Marcelle

Hello, it’s me!


If you’ve made it here you might already know a little bit about me, but if not I’ll fill you in on the basics. My name is Shanice Marcelle, I’m 26 years old. Born in Toronto, raised in Victoria. I’m now a nomad of sorts living anywhere from Victoria/Toronto/Winnipeg to somewhere in Europe. I love to draw and paint, I’m a self certified pinterest chef, I binge watch horrible tv shows, I love the feeling of a good sweat/hate it all at the same time, but most importantly to me I love my peoples, and I’m inspired by the connections I’ve been able to make through sport. 


Which is most likely the reason why you are here and how you may know of me; I am a professional volleyball player, as well as a member of Team Canada. For me there is no greater feeling than representing our country against the worlds best, and I’m so honoured to play for the red and white. 

I'm passionate about sharing my story.

I'm hopeful that my story of an Olympic dream isn't over.

And I aspire to inspire all of you!


I hope to provide a space where those who are interested in embarking on a similar journey can gain insight, maybe learn from my mistakes and help you find a voice to share your story too.

I hope you stay a while.



Let’s get it. 


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Quick Facts:

Age: 27 

Hometown: Victoria, BC

Currently: Toronto, ONT

Height: 5'11

Education: Bachelors of Kinesiology '13 UBC

Major Accomplishments:

2013 FISU Games Flag Bearer

2013 CIS Female University Athlete of the Year

2014 German Bunesliga Champion

2015 German Bundesliga Champion & Championship MVP

2016 vice champion Coupe De France

2017 UBC Hall of Fame Inductee