Winter in Victoria

Winter in Victoria

In true Victoria fashion, winter is experienced sporadically for a fraction of time.


You know, that bone chilling, nose tingling cold, snow falling, serene, walking in a winter wonderland that the majority of Canada gets to experience during the 4 months of winter? Yeah, we get that maybe once or twice for a few hours before the rain washes it all away and what’s left is this slushy crap that just sucks.


Only bonus is we almost always get snow days. 


Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we live in a mild climate compared to the rest of Canada. I do no good in the cold. I'm ALWAYS cold, my lips are chapped, and I'll complain about it But, it would be nice to have a white Christmas once in a while, and to be a big kid again playing in the snow. 


So, when the opportunity to experience winter in all it's beauty arises, you capitalize on it. 


That means putting on your excessive winter clothing that you don’t really need because the coldest it gets is -1°. Winter coat, toque, gloves, scarf, layers upon layers under your jacket, double socks, and maybe 2 pants (Maybe that’s just me).


And you walk in said winter wonderland before it all disappears. 


If you’re adventurous enough, you brave the horrible drivers who seem to have lost all driving skill. This has got to be the most comical part of snow in the city. Though the roads are dangerous when it is icy, most drivers completely forget what to do when the white stuff starts falling. Okay, maybe a lot of people don't have snow tires, but it starts to look like Bambi on ice out there at times.


Victoria has no shortage of a beautiful backdrop, so this year for my winter experience I travelled to Durrance Lake, which was mostly untouched, for a beautiful snowy morning. 


What does your winter look like?