What's your story?

What's your story?

"It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you implement that effort into your life, every single day, that's where transformation happens. That's how change occurs. Keep going, remember WHY you started"


When I think about my journey and how I’ve gotten from A to B there are some very definitive moments along the way. Making my first club team, making the National team, accepting a University scholarship, graduating from University as the top female athlete in Canada, becoming a professional athlete, and most recently dealing with a major injury. And every time I think of my own personal story a new lesson is highlighted and I am reminded of the many aspects to my character. 


When I replay the years sometimes I think about the inner strength that guided me through difficult, and lonely years overseas. At other times I am reminded of the determination that guided me when I was told I wasn’t good enough. Then there's also the moments where my attitude nearly lead me to give up, and walk away. Though I don't wish to go back there, it is indefinitely a part of my story.


The more that I think about it, the more everyone has their own story, though story telling in this form is not for everyone. If you think about your own journey until now, and the difficulties you have overcome, I’m sure you’ll realize that you too have a story to tell. Heck it might even be cooler than mine.  




Recently I’ve been thinking about confidence, and how much that has changed for me over the years. How my confidence has altered my story, and the ebbs and flows that come along with struggle and adversity. From a timid girl who found her voice and confidence on the court. To a young woman who lost it and had to fight to gain it back piece by piece.


Where’s my confidence now? Wellll, probably somewhere in between, trying to find a balance. It’s a continual work in progress being okay with who you are and gaining self confidence from that. Self love everybody. My confidence no doubt took a hit and reshaped itself the last few years. But it’s been comforting to know that it has never gone too far, sometimes it just needs a little push.




The reason I’m writing this is because I often feel the need to look to others for inspiration in times of doubt. To look for aspects in others stories that I can apply to my own life and the actions I take. To gain confidence from their lessons as I relate, and realize I’ve been there before, in my own way.


Sometimes the inspiration is right in front of you.

Er, inside of you?

You know what I mean.


 I think more often than not we forget our own strengths from having overcome our own battles. Or maybe that’s just me. Though I’m sharing my story as a means to help myself and hopefully give some insight to others, I hope you learn to see the greatness in yours and build confidence from whatever your story may be. 


Let me put it another way. If you’re like me you are your own worst critic. More often than not I have the feeling I have accomplished little when that couldn’t be farther than my reality. I am proud, yet downplay my life as an athlete, because I guess I don't like being against the norm. Silly, I know.


Often, it’s not until I am reminded by another of the things that I’ve done that I start to think hell yeah I’m a badass. My life is beautifully unique, challenging, and has a story line I wouldn’t change for the world.  


Maybe part of that is humility. But, honestly I’m tired of that. Of being too humble to brag every now and then of the things I’ve done. Of failing to see what makes me great.

Of telling my story without recognizing the significance of my story.



By now you’re probably wondering what’s the point of this?


I’m not really sure there is one or if I’m just talking in circles, hah. 

But if anything here’s my take away;


Love who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. You deserve to be your number one fan (sorry mom!).

And don’t forget that in times of doubt the answers are within you if you're willing to look deep enough.


Your story is the most important one of all.